Project Management and recruitment of staff for
the supervision of quality, time and finance
in construction projects.
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Quality Services since 12 Years
Our company was founded in 1989 to provide project management on large building projects all over the world. We made the experience that the client needs beside the architect and general contractor or different contractors one stronghold as independent loyal representation.

The task of our team is to control the quality, the finance and the timing. Based on this evaluation, to guide and coordinate all activities on a project to keep a good control on the budget and eventual additional costs.

Positive Experience
We have positive results in controlling architects and engineers on site, who might have no sense for administration or cost control and they might bring a project to a disaster in matter of finance or deadlines.

See references on accomplished projects.

All our engineers, architects and consultants have 10 to 25 years of experience:
  • Are ready to go tomorrow to any continent.
  • Are speaking the language of the country of project
  • Have experience in the country we go.
  • Know to work strictly project oriented.

Head and Founder, Jürg Hauser
30 years experience in large projects in different countries with overall know-how in coordination project teams of 5-35 engineers & architects of different countries. Finding the right staff of engineers for the right project situation - caring for languages, kind of project, qualification needed, references and flexibility of engineers. Specialized in taskforce for rigid fixed projects, to reorganize ruined situations. Start up of project in the desert, having good dealing with the team, the client & the residents.

Head of HR, Suzanne Bopp
Suzanne Bopp is responsible for the organisational matters of project staff. She has 10 years experience as an executive assistant in different countries for companies such as Hoffmann La Roche or McKinsey & Company. In her last position she was the assistant to the CEO of Ernst & Young in Switzerland.