Project Management and recruitment of staff for
the supervision of quality, time and finance
in construction projects.
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Senior Staff for Construction Projects
With executive services we not only mean the selection and search for qualified project managers, engineers or architects, but also the mandate of the whole employment- and project management process.

Full Service Recruitment
Our customers profit from our full service recruitment. The management staff of a large construction site in Russia, for example, is pre-selected and offered to the decision makers of your enterprise. Once the team of your choice is completed it will work in the line of your company, but they are employed by us. This offers various possibilities as:

Arrangement of peronal income taxes. No need of regional knowledge on tax law and law of employment.
Arrangement of all payments of fee and expenses.
Accomodation and car services as single contact for travel arrangements.

Large Database on more than 500 Project Managers
Out of our long experience we cultivate the contact to over 500 project managers and engineers from all over the world. With this back stock and always new acquaintances we can offer quick research. About 10 senior staff are immediately available for duty. If you search a team or a single person for a short or long term duty we are offering pre-selection and recommend those for a final decision by you.

Welcome Host for the Work abroad
Once a specialist is contracted he will receive, and profit therefore, full service on site. This means work permit, house or apartment, a car and of course access to clubs and associations of compatriots or speech communities.

See references on accomplished projects.