Project Management and recruitment of staff for
the supervision of quality, time and finance
in construction projects.
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References of Qualityjob
An extract of successfull projects over the last 15 years where we provided staff or consulting.

  • Project team for manufacturing plants of Philip Morris in Russia, Romania, Poland and Ukraine.
  • Large-scale project management for the new stock exchange in Zurich with building costs of US$ 200 Mio.
  • Project management car assembly plant in Barcelona/Spain for SEAT-Volkswagen.
  • Project team for a runway renewal of the Airport in Basel/ Mulhouse.
  • Project management for Novartis (ex. CIBA-GEIGY), 120 apartment complex in Basel.
  • Coordination and organisation of two factories building in Berlin and Dresden with costs US$ 100 Mio.
  • Project management for the Saudi National Bank: Headquarters, ten branch offices and one training centre with building costs US$ 400 Mio.
  • Promotion proposal: Consortium for "Eurofoire" with the biggest french and german general contractors as partners.
  • Promotion project for offices, hotel, shopping and sports complex in Hannover.
  • Promotion project for 40 villas on the french side of the Lake of Geneva.

More References are available on request.